Went to watch Scream 4 today…  and I stayed screamless the entire time. Finally a horror movie that wouldn’t give me nightmares(in fact, I’m typing this blog in darkness). Um, more like it should belong to the thriller category.

There are only 2 types of movies that justify my visit to a theatre: 3D and horror(can’t bear watching at home in a confined room)… The rest I can just *cough cough* download.

Generally speaking, not bad of a movie, I’d give it a 6. Props for some subtle jokes here and there, quite entertaining (mocking at the lame plots) but I’d suggest not using your brain to enjoy it more. Why? Same reason- lame plots.

The beginning was like WTF, especially when Sookie from True Blood was there for like 2 mins before being stabbed to death. Alright, I knew she would die anyway (come on, who doesn’t in this movie? besides those 3?), but I just wished she could be alive longer. T_T

As expected, this is a movie about stabbing people… Nothing too creative, though I sorta anticipated more (what on earth was I thinking? Just HOW creative can stabbing get?). I admit that I was half shutting my eyes and ears during the first few murders. After a while, however, I was accustomed to the killing pattern to a point that I just behaved it as if I was watching a comedy(a dull one). Everything was still tolerable until the killer(s) were revealed. WTF!? It’s fine that it turns out to be Jill. But- for that retarded reason? Besides, how could a skinny teenage girl like her get the strength to stab so many (cops, grown ups)? It can only be explained by either luck or miracle. The ending didn’t have too many loose ends to tie up, yet the movie did not handle them too well. Feels like they are trying to treat us (logical viewers) as idiots.

So… why isn’t this movie satisfying in terms of scary factor (esp. from the POV of a … like me)? Repetitiveness. Phone calls from stranger with a coarse voice… Ghostmask just kept popping up in people’s backyard and sneaked into their houses… Similar scenes and plots dominated the movie. Honestly, this movie is only ‘scary’ for its sound effects. Another reason is probably because I know Ghostmask is just human, how bad can that be?

While deciding on this movie, I expected myself to be terrified. I wanted to scream out loud and release all the angst and suppressed anger/stress/feeling inside. For this reason, I was quite disappointed. Oh well, the movie was just 7 bucks with tax ’cause of cheap tuesday. Good enough!


Canucks beat the Blackhawks today. Phew, finally winning this critical game after a loss streak of 3. I’m not a big fan of hockey. Nonetheless, it still excites me during playoff time. When the Canucks was the top team in the West Coast division, I was optimistic about them winning the cup… now I’m not too sure. Best of luck anyhow!

Yay, going to the States for a day trip to shop tomorrow. Cardigans, shoes, bags… Aiyo! Too many things I want, too little cash >.<“