Yummy Yum Cha

好耐無去飲茶,有半年咯~ 一去就連續飲兩日… Orz

Although I have begun (sort of) my diet, I still ordered many deep fried and greasy dishes. “O wells, this would be the very LAST time", I promised myself.

OMG, look at the food, the greasiness that I love and hate.

Anyhow, one of my o-so-ambitious summer goals is to make Macarons.


I’ve decided to give it a shot, since it seems very achievable… or NOT. I soon realized my success rate would be quite low after researching for some recipes online and browsing other people’s (mostly failed) attempts. Turns out these lovely cuties are quite demanding. Some failure cases are due to the mixture being over/under mixed, causing the macarons to be too moist or having wide spreadfeet. Some of them are oddly shaped or cracked. Now that I’ve kept these in mind, I hope I will succeed at the first attempt.


So after lunch, I went hunting for ingredients- surprisingly simple… just plain sugar, icing sugar, egg whites and almond meal. I’m still trying to decide what the filling flavor is- chocolate or green tea?

I was gonna make it right after my dental appointment (hurt like hell btw)… however, I forgot (no I didn’t, I just thought I could omit this step) that the egg white should be aged at room temperature for bloody FIVE days! Will I get food poisoned?!? Turns out this step is essential, I might as well wait so this won’t be my excuse for failing (patience patience…). But, instead of 5 days, I will age the eggs for 2 days only(safer for my stomach).

Crossing my fingers.

Links to some recipes-








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