Chapter 0. Spring

Tulip blooming at Stanley Park.

The moment final exams slip past, I can smell Spring.

Everything is just so… fresh and free =)

Now that the long gloomy nights of last min cramming are gone, I feel so ever motivated and positive!

I have exactly one week to chill before my work term begins…


Thus, it’s about time to make a list of goals/to buy items for summer 2011(which I hope I will stick to this time -_-)! I wanna achieve so many things that I have to divide into categories. Ha!


  1. Sleep before 12
  2. Don’t eat after 9
  3. Cut off down snack consumptions
  4. Exercise 3 times a week (bike/run/swim)
  5. Lose weight (GOAL: 125 pounds)


  1. Brush up  and learn new programming scripts/langs
  2. Dedicate more time on Orbit
  3. Take initiative at work


  1. Go hiking!
  2. Try mountain biking
  3. Make macarons
  4. Try more restaurants
  5. Go to beach

OverlyAmbitous goals:

  1. Keep room clean
  2. Buy stocks
  3. Spend less!
  4. Start a personal/open source project
  5. Make an app
  6. Prep interviews
  7. Write columns for mingpao
  8. Don’t procrastinate!
  9. Be bold and challenged!


  1. Practice Guitar
  2. Read one book every 2 weeks
  3. Star gazing (once a month/join star parties)
  4. Improve Photography techniques and processing skills (try lunar, light….)
  5. Digital art and web design
  6. Learn how to create animation
  7. Watch all must-see dramas+movies
  8. Keep blogging! (’cause every time I stop after a few posts)


  1. Cardigans
  2. Monitor (23 inch, LED)
  3. FujiFilm finepix X100
  4. Mustard Olympic hoodie
  5. Floral scarf
  6. Chiffon tops
  7. Colorful stockings
  8. Over-sized glasses/shades
  9. Brown shorts
  10. Trench
  11. Cape
  12. Flats
  13. Roots Bag

I will check back to this in early Sept to find out how much I have achieved. Wish me luck!

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Suffering from chronic procrastination and decidophobia. Forgetful, thus need a blog to jot down the thrills and spills in life. "Good enough" is my motto. My only goal is just to get by and muddle though the rest of life. 嚴重拖延症和選擇恐懼症患者。善忘,因此blog旨在記事。“啱啱好”是我的人生格言。我的做人宗旨只有一個,就是凡事得過且過。


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